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About Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are a technology utilized by listening to precise audio tones through stereo headphones and can give the listener an improved state of mind with all the benefits associated with regularly meditating. All you need to beneifit from them are stereo headphones and an mp3 player. Whether you’re a student revising, an executive with an approaching deadline, or constantly running your kids around town with little time for yourself you can benefit from using binaural beats.

What are Binaural Beats?

Your brain naturally produces waves that depends on the state of mind you are in. When you listen to binaural beats precise sound waves with slightly different tones, or wavelengths are played into each ear independently. Your brain recognizes these tones by creating a “third” wave that matches the difference between the two waves. This alters your current your brain waves and can allow you to improve you’re state of mind.

binaural beats

Binaural beats are ideal to accompany meditation. Benefits of using binaural beats can include: - enhanced relaxation, - improved memory and focus, - heightened creativity. The dominant frequency of your brain waves determines the current state of mind you are in. Listening to binaural beats will help your brain to alter its frequency to that of the binaural beats tones you are listening to. There are four main frequency ranges, or groups: binaural beats waves

- Delta Waves - Associated with deep sleep,

- Theta Waves - Deeper meditation, dreams,

- Alpha Waves - Downtime, greater relaxation and creativity,

- Beta Waves - Usual wakened state, when active and focused.

What downloads are available?

Binaural Beats Entertainment has produced ambient music tracks with embedded binaural beats tones, as well as the "pure" binaural beats tones. These are available from our store, as well as Itunes and Amazon. Feel free to sample our tracks, although please bear in mind that the free streams are relatively low quality (128kbps) and those purchased will be of superior quality.


Also available for a limited period only is the Full Collection, where you can download all for albums, as well as the Pure tones for for a special price of only $35.00.